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By Way of Virtue

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

If a person laughs a lot, it could be that he feels very lonely on the inside. Sometimes a person may put up a strong appearance on the outside, but there is a possibility that he may not actually have inner strength. If someone cries a lot, it could be that that person is very innocent and tender-hearted. A person who tends to become angry shows that he is very lonely on the inside and feels the lack of love within his life. It is not necessary that beautiful people are always virtuous, but virtuous people are always beautiful. The best person is only known through the sweetness of his speech. We are all like a shop and our tongue is its key. Our speech determines whether the shop is of gold or coal. Hence, always keep your speech soft, for good words are even written on walls.

Life is good when we are happy, but life is great when others are happy because of us. Try your level best to stay away from a person who pinpoints a fault or highlights a positive attribute within you which you do not possess. Always remain grounded, and keep the price of your companionship low, because if you become invaluable and unique, you may become lonely. Many a time, it is our desire to become noteworthy; different from all others and significant. However, this wish makes us isolated.

Remember that if we must achieve something we must bring about a change in our ways, not our intentions, as sometimes our intentions are strong but subsequent actions are weak. Keep your objectives solid but change your conduct. In this day and age, the value for money does not fall as much as humans fall for it. That is the reason you should not run after money, otherwise you are bound to stumble. On the other hand, a person who has complete faith and hope does not fail even after facing defeat multiple times.

One faces a lot of deceit in life but this deception does not trouble us, it actually gives us insight and wisdom. Learn from such instances and keep walking ahead no matter what. Try your best to forgive others. Do not stop your journey or take this world so seriously, as no one leaves here alive.

You being happy is punishment enough for your ill-wishers. Hence, stay happy. Relationships and journeys are very similar. Sometimes it so happens that we form various new bonds during our lifetime. Tread on the journey of life in such a manner that it is okay if an enemy exceeds you, but a friend should never be left behind. Humans lose their humanity when they start laughing at the sorrows of others. Therefore, try and feel for others.

No task in this world is impossible. One just needs to have courage, motivation and determination. That is the reason why we should not stop striving. Pray to the Almighty from the depths of your heart with utmost devotion, for even the prayers of those who cannot speak are fulfilled.

Do not test the patience and tolerance of people because it leads only to regret. If we are unable to bring a smile to someone’s face, we certainly do not have the right to bring tears to their eyes. There will be bad times in life which will lead us to differentiate between the good and the bad. Hence, spread love among people, as hatred needs a reason in order to exist, whilst love needs no such reason. We are strange people; we hold on to signs while losing people. Simply remember that the God Almighty has created us as the best and most superior of creatures, hence our conduct should be superior as well.

May God Almighty grant us the wisdom to understand and act upon what is right and the truth.

Murshid Waqar Faiz

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