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Forgiveness-Virtue Of a Strong Person

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

In this life, we visualize big dreams with our open eyes. These dreams give you the courage to move forward through the hardships of life. They awaken the longing in your heart to reach the stars. However, at times it is a lot better to focus on the smaller parts of these dreams as they can be fulfilled in a smaller period and quickly give you happiness and satisfaction.

Never stop learning in your life. Try to learn about your inner self, learn about the world around you. It is within the people around you that your life’s lessons are hidden.

Nothing stays the same within us; everything either grows or diminishes unless you learn to adjust yourself accordingly, and this adjustment will not come without being humble. Make yourself so low that you can adjust to every situation.

Asking for forgiveness for your mistakes is not your weakness, it is your strength. Though it cannot change your past, it can help you improve your future. A weak person can neither forgive others nor himself. This is virtue of a strong person, so strengthen yourself.

Convey messages to people. People most often receive your messages according to their own thought processes. Try to make sure that they understand your messages fully. If possible explain it to them repeatedly so that they can understand it the way you want them to.

May God enable us to understand and may He make things easy upon us.

Murshid Waqar Faiz

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