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Faizi Fellowship is a non-profit initiative undertaken by the students of Murshid Waqar to centralize a
spiritual presence in our communities. The Fellowship stems from a common need for humanity to
encompass virtues of love, patience, tolerance, generosity, and compassion for all lives as one's own.
The Fellowship aims to meet this need through the communication of the teachings of Murshid Waqar
Faiz as well as his message of universal love and service to humanity.


Under the noble guidance of Murshid Waqar Faiz, seekers from all corners of the world have learned to contemplate on deeper meanings relating to themselves, their surroundings, and their purpose as human beings by embodying principles of truth and good character as a means of attaining enlightenment through the Creator's good pleasure.


The Faizi Fellowship
Center is a place for individuals to gather and reflect on the Creator's beauty through the outward examples and
teachings of Murshid Waqar Faiz along with inward contemplation through Divine remembrance and
meditation practices.


People are the heart of our organization. Faizi Fellowship is of service to the public through many channels including counseling, prayers, sermons, refugee services, feeding the hungry,
clothing the poor, and other community driven activities of similar nature.


“The fastest way to reach God is to serve others and the biggest charity you can give is to forgive people”
- Murshid Waqar Faiz"


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