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Updated: Sep 26, 2018

In life, we often have many expectations while doing our best to keep the love of God alive in ourselves. Then it happens that our hopes are dashed and we become disappointed in life. In times such as these, we must again enlighten our hearts and restart within them the journey of love. Of course, the heart needs some healing time, so in these times it is of utmost importance that we fill our hearts with the remembrance of God in order to keep them alive. Just as a car needs gasoline to continue its journey, so too does the heart needs remembrance of God to continue its own journey. In the journey of life, when we become hopeless or restless, we must do our utmost to make excellent decisions. Just as the engine of a car will seize if water is used as fuel instead of gasoline, so too will the heart filled with worries and anxiety if we abandon firm belief and hope in God. If this happens, our goal in life to reach God will never be fulfilled.

Our journey should be maintained without expectations or desires. Do not give

your heart any room for depression from your difficulties. Always remember that just as in the darkest of nights the stars shine brightest, so too in the darkness of depression and anxiety do the stars of hope shine brightest. Instead of crying in corners or on pillows, we should cry in our worship and prayer, pleading with God, for He surely gives us ease after our hardships. Always remember that the one whose loses hope will always increase in difficulties and difficult times; always remember that your hope is your last key in the face of your difficulties, a key that unlocks many locks. It is very important to remember that hope is a sign of complete trust in God that increases, develops, and completes your faith in Him. This is why you must never give up.

Our Master Ali used to supplicate to God saying, "My hopes help me in that they remind me that Your love is far greater than my expectations, and that Your plans are far greater than my dreams". To have hope in God is to strengthen our link to Him and to increase in faith. Never stop doing your best even if no one gives you credit for your efforts. Remain firm in your belief that the rope of God that you cling to will surely lead you to Him; the rope may stretch, but it will never break.

Hope is the key to the doors that your negativity has locked; it is the key for the answers to all of your questions, and according to me, supplicating to God is a great form of hope. It is supplication that puts our hopes on God and keeps us connected to Him, so you should never stop supplicating to Him.

We ask God for consistency and grant us reflection and understanding. Whatever it is that we learn, we ask Him to give us the ability to act upon it.

Murshid Waqar Faiz

- Notes are taken from Murshid’s Message - Jan 13,2017

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