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Updated: Sep 26, 2018

If our financial conditions are not good, then there is no doubt that we will have to

face difficulties. Perhaps wealth can give strength or different options in life, but

there is no guarantee that it will grant you real happiness. You will find real

happiness in your choices and actions, and then at the end only love and memories

will remain.

Most of us create boundaries of our own thoughts around ourselves. We tend to

imprison ourselves in the fortresses of our egos. We ought to instead look around

and listen to people carefully. We do not listen to others properly, rather we wait

eagerly to speak. Wait before you respond, understand the conversation correctly

and then answer if necessary. Otherwise, stay quiet and learn. You will be amazed

at what you are learning, and at times a problem can be resolved by just changing

your point of view because every problem has a solution within.

Real strength is not lifting heavy loads; these can be lifted even by animals. Real

strength is to control your anger and temper. At times, we get distressed and

complain that other people only remember us in times of need. Instead, you should

be happy that in times of darkness that person requires light and has come to you

to find it.

Knowledge and information show us a path, and acting and execution help us

achieve our goals and objectives. So, act upon whatever you learn so that you can

accomplish your goals and aims.

Whenever we feel restrained in terms of sustenance and are tired of worldly hardships, we should do business with God by giving charity, as God never keeps loans and

returns them several times over.

The beauty of relations with friends and family lies upon tolerance. Try to go down

to one's level, understand their point of view, and keep patience. Your relations will

grow stronger and stronger. Every person has faults within, so learn to forgive and

be understanding. Try to find faults within yourself and good in others. One of the

greatest signs of God's friends is that they think of everyone as saints other than


May God grant us the will to act and steadfastness.

Murshid Waqar Faiz

- Notes taken from Murshid’s Message- Jan 20, 17

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