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The Hereafter – The Only Goal

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

The world is like a snake whose skin is soft to the touch yet whose venom is dangerous and deadly. Hence, we should turn away from the things of this world that seem wonderful and attractive, for we will take very few of them with us when we leave this world. We should not even be thinking of these things, especially since they will be taken from us one way or another through time or circumstance. If one feels overly attached to such things, it should be cause for concern, for as soon as we begin to find solace in worldly things, they start to become a source of hardship for us. You must cling tightly to the rope of God Almighty and the divine book with all your strength. This excellent advice comes from none other than the divine book itself. We must understand that permissible is permissible and non-permissible is non-permissible. The many eras and ages of this world are repetitive, and so we must learn from the past. This world is doomed to decay, and so we must focus on the Hereafter.

We must stay away from any act we would love for ourselves but not for others. Remember that the acts we commit in secret that we would be ashamed to commit in public are bad. When we hear something from someone, we must refrain from narrating it to others like a story because then the facts become contaminated with much falsehood. The truth must always be spoken as it is. Do not mix your emotions within that which you must neutrally explain; state things as they appear.

Furthermore, do not continuously gauge people negatively; control your anger in every situation. In fact, true tolerance is when you have every power and right to punish but you choose to forgive those who have wronged you. This is a beautiful way to thank God Almighty for all the blessings He has endowed us with.

It is best for those who believe to give charity on their and their family’s behalf, as this treasure will prove to be beneficial in the Hereafter. All that we leave behind will be of no use to us. Rather others will take advantage of it.

Keep your companionship proper, for a person is known by the company he keeps. We should look at those who have been given less than us, as it gives us a chance to be constantly grateful. In life, we cannot move beyond the bounds set for us by God.

Hence, adopt contentment; whatsoever is destined for us will assuredly come to us. We become so happy after getting things as if we will never part with them and become so unhappy because of things that were never ours to begin with. That is why we should be content with whatever we have gathered for the Hereafter.

We ask God to guide us on the path that He wants us to tread on and keep us away from that which He does not like.

Murshid Waqar Faiz

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