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Concealing Faults

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

The essence of spirituality lies in covering the faults of others. It is essential for travelers on the path of spirituality to follow the following four things:

· The first is to blind the eyes so as not to see the faults of others

· The second is to deafen the ears so as not to hear the faults of others

· The third is to mute the tongue so as not say things that ought not be said

· The fourth is to cripple the feet so as not to go to inappropriate places

Until we learn how to veil the faults of others, we cannot progress on the path of spirituality. Every path has some basic principles, and one of the first principles of the path of spirituality is veiling the faults of others.

May God grant us the ability to act. May God make our hearts as deep as the ocean so that we can conceal the improper words and actions of others within them and to make this society as strong as possible. May God Almighty accept all our prayers and intentions. May God make this path simple for us to follow. May the Almighty keep us safe from the mischief of Satan and our own self desires and ego. May God provide us refuge from all calamities.

Remember me in your prayers as well.

Murshid Waqar Faiz

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