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Protection of Speech

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

Always keep the fear of God in your heart. This will bring you closer to Him. Fear of

people is drives us away from them, but fear of God brings us closer to Him. Just as

only the thirsty know the true value of thirst, only the dead know the true value of

life. Similarly, the value of friendship can be gauged through trust and reliance, so maintain these things in all your relations, whether they are family or friends.

Value your speech above gold and silver, for a person’s tongue is the cause of his

rise or fall.

The body’s nourishment is found in feeding itself; the soul's nourishment is found in

feeding others.

Always remain humble, low and down to earth because it is a great form of

supplication. Our spiritual Master Ali (May God be pleased with Him) says that, “The wisest person is the one who advises others never to give up faith and hope in the Almighty.”

The ailment that afflicts our hearts, souls, and inner selves is greater than any physical

illness. Keep them pure and clean, and always be concerned about their health. The

body can be cleaned with water but the inner self can only be purified through the tears

shed in the remembrance of God. Ignorance is cleansed through the truth whilst

the soul is purified by love. The vision of the eye is limited, but the vision of the

heart is not bound by time or space. This is why, you must try to use the vision of

the heart and pay due attention towards it.

Try and maintain silence lest you are asked to speak. This will always be better than

speaking so much that people request you to remain quiet. No doubt the person

who talks less is wise and knowing.

Continue to beautify your inner self with God's will, God Almighty will make your

outward being beautiful as well.

Mention not your wealth before the poor, nor your power before the weak, nor

your health before the sick. The greatest and most beautiful of your secrets is your

intention. Therefore, always keep it pure, clean and virtuous as it is a veil

between you and God. Unveiling it to others will be of no benefit because those

who favor you do not need it and those who do not will not believe it.

Try and teach your children with love. Do not expect that they will behave like you

as there is a big gap between the time of your birth and theirs. First try and

understand their perspective and then preach to them.

May the Almighty grant us the strength to think and the ability to act (Amen).

Murshid Waqar Faiz

--Notes are taken from Murshid’s Message- March 2, 2017

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