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Updated: Sep 26, 2018

There is no clothing for the human heart worse than jealousy. It consumes good deeds as fire consumes wood. It is a disease from which many people suffer. Of all the spiritual illnesses from which people suffer, jealousy is one of the biggest. The definition of jealousy is that a person considers a blessing granted to someone by God Almighty as unacceptable. He dislikes the blessing or questions why it has been given to that specific person.

This ailment lowers the value of a person in the sight of God. It becomes the cause of man’s destruction. Jealousy was the first sin committed in Heaven; Satan became jealous of Prophet Adam, and greed and covetousness was the first sin committed on Earth. Jealousy is such a disease that stays within humans no matter how pious and religious they become. Even if he walks the path of spirituality, this ailment will still move along with him side by side. He keeps an eye on what another person has received. He is actually not happy with God’s distribution, and, he tries to intervene in God’s decision.

If the heart learns to accept God’s distribution and shows its contentment with whatever God grants anyone, then jealousy will not take place. If, after seeing someone with a blessing, you pray in your heart that God Almighty reward you with the same, then this prayer is allowed. However, if you pray that the blessing is taken away from a person, then this prayer is not allowed.

People who are jealous actually think that they are better than you, and it is punishment enough to be jealous and envious all the time. It is punishment enough for them that when you become happy they become sad.

What can be stranger than someone being someone else’s enemy and being jealous of him for being good and pious? The one who has learned to control jealousy has learned to control his inner demons.

Jealousy will continue to follow a person until he makes an effort to fight it, and it does not die with simply one attempt, one must fight it repeatedly. The remedy for it is kept in effort, contentment, and gratitude.

Do not worry about the conspiracies and envy of people, for God’s Will and plan outweighs everything. Jealousy is truly a prison for the soul that keeps it from moving forward in its spiritual journey. It invites difficulties and problems. Its fruit in both this and the next is severe. Someone afflicted with jealousy can neither be a spiritual leader, nor can he ever attain his goal, and his friendship is never favorable.

One should fight this ailment just as one would battle with an enemy, for it causes more damage to oneself than to others. Satan asked his followers to plant two things in the hearts of people: disobedience and jealousy as these two serve as the starting points of disbelief.

Anyone can find out whether he suffers from this illness or not by paying attention to these three things:

1. Backbiting

2. Flattering or complimenting someone excessively in their presence.

3. Feeling happy when seeing someone in misery.

We ask God Almighty to protect us from such a threatening disease and from the evil of envious people.

Murshid Waqar Faiz

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