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Updated: Sep 26, 2018

Seek forgiveness from God as much as possible. The question that usually arises in people’s heart is, “How do we know that our repentance is being accepted?”

If the following few traits are found, then one can consider that his repentance has been accepted:

Keeping yourself away from sinful people and not bringing the fear of their power or position into your heart, meaning that you are fear only God alone; meeting and mixing with pious people; completely changing one’s company; refraining from all sorts of sins, keeping yourself safe from them and not returning to the sins that were committed by you before.

The happiness of this world is taken away from his heart and fear of the hereafter takes its place. He focuses more on eternal happiness instead of temporary happiness of this world.

He is carefree towards the pursuit of sustenance. He engages in worshiping God Almighty, for the one who provides subsistence is God alone. He works hard towards making an honest living and does not worry about the results of his efforts, leaving the rest to God.

When the above signs start manifesting in a person it is a sign that his repentance has been accepted.

God Himself says of such people, “God considers people who repent and keep themselves pure as His friends.” So, we should all repent as much as possible.

Murshid Waqar Faiz

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