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Updated: Jun 30, 2018

Our spiritual Master Ali (May God Be Pleased with Him) states:

“How foolish is the man who wastes his health to earn wealth and later wastes his wealth to regain his health.”

Then he says, “He wastes his present worrying about the future and then spends his future crying over his past. Thirdly, he lives as if he will never die, but when he dies, it is like he was never even born.”

That is why I request to all my companions to pay full attention to your present because what has passed cannot return. You should definitely draw lessons from your past, but do not lose yourself in it. You are not aware of what God has for you in the future so do not worry about it. Live your present in the best manner. Fulfill your duties towards mankind. Take care of other people as much as possible, for God is found only in service to others. Give clothes to those people who have nothing to wear and feed those people who have nothing to eat. I have not found a better and faster way than this to reach God.

May God keep you in His protection and enable you to serve people to the utmost.

Murshid Waqar Faiz

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