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Updated: Sep 26, 2018

Fill your heart with love for others and leave no room for hatred. Hatred is like rust for the heart, burying the light of divine love. If the words you speak come from your heart, they will surely make room for themselves in the hearts of others and affect them, with the will of God. If someone says something you do don't like, then instead of getting angry, work to improve yourself, for every human surely has some type of blameworthy quality. It is the ego self that veils these mistakes from us.

Our spiritual Master Ali (may God be pleased with Him) says, "The best revenge is to improve yourself." This is why there should be no shame felt in searching for our mistakes, and we should try our best to fix them. All things must come to an end, but whatever is attained from those things lasts forever. If what is attained is good, then it will forever be clothed in the light of God. If what is attained is bad, it will forever be drowned in divine punishment.

We meet many people throughout the course of our lives. Love those people but love even more those who love you also. Along with love, treat people with

respect, for if we knew the value of respect with God, we would ask Him for it

rather than wealth. Our spiritual Master Ali says (may God be pleased with Him), "There are two ways to live your life: getting what you like or liking what you have." This latter statement means choosing contentment, and it is indeed better to like you have, totally believing it to come from God Almighty. This should be of utmost value to us, for God does not look at our clothes or appearances; He looks at our hearts and our intentions.

Do your utmost to gain wisdom. Admit to when you do not know something, and do not be ashamed to learn even the most seemingly trivial of things. It is easy to gain knowledge, but very difficult to apply it, and acting upon the knowledge you learn is the very definition of wisdom. Never hate other people, no matter how much they may have wronged you. No matter how wealthy you might become, always remain humble. Ups and downs of life persistently come and go, but always remain positive despite them. Stay in contact even with those who forget about you and be sure to make prayers for those who love you. True enjoyment is found in having the power to take revenge yet forgiving despite it. God is truly more merciful with us that we are with ourselves. This is why you must search for the good in others and the bad within yourself.

We ask God to give us the ability to act upon this, and persistence.

Murshid Waqar Faiz

--Notes taken from Murshid’s Messages- May 4th, 2017

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