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Love, Heart, & Soul

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

God has created mankind to love one another and has created all other things for their use. But one of the most significant reasons out of all which is the cause of our distress is that we start to love things and begin to use people.

Just think that whenever we are praying, crying, or even dreaming, our eyes are closed. Hence, the beautiful things and feelings in life are unseen and we feel them through our hearts.

We cannot learn to appreciate the blessings we have received unless we experience downfalls a couple of times in our journey of life. We can neither learn to value love and affection until our hearts are broken nor can we enjoy happiness and learn to be thankful for blessings until we experience the emotions of sadness and anxiousness. It is not until we cross the valley of sadness, suffering, and worry that the beauty and colors of mountains become noticeable.

Ups and downs have been placed in our lives so that we learn gratitude for those blessings that have been given to us without us even asking for them.

God has indoctrinated hearts with love. This love, this heart, fights for you when you want to give up. The same heart empowers you when you feel depressed during your life’s journey. It brings happiness to you and a smile upon your face when it is hard for you to find it. This heart strengthens you and wills you to stand tall when you feel weak and are about to fall.

This heart loves you and wants to bring out the best in you, and why not, as it is God’s abode, the One who helps you in difficult situations. So never hurt someone’s heart so much that it cries out before God with your name.

Similarly, the relation between the soul and the heart is very intense. The heart invigorates the soul. As impure blood is circulated to the heart, it is cleaned and pumped back out. In a similar way, just pass the hurt that your soul suffers by your own doings through your heart and throw it away.

Enlighten your heart with the passionate love of God, give it strength from within through faith and perseverance; do not let it extinguish.

May God bless us with a heart that loves His beings, and may He protect us from hurting people.

Murshid Waqar Faiz

-Notes are taken from Murshid's Messages- December 23, 2016

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