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Inner Beauty

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

Try to find inner beauty and positivity in you as well as around you. This will inspire you a lot. It will unfold many puzzles of life. Many unsolved matters will start making sense. It does not mean that everything will become apparent to you; most likely many spiritual aspects will remain ambiguous and hidden from you. You might not be able to see them, but with the will of God your inner beauty will surely guide you towards the truth.

Do not hate anyone regardless of how bad they may have treated you. Lead your life with humility. Be modest no matter what status you attain in life or how wealthy you may become. Think positively despite of all the hardships you face in life. Give away more even though you may have received much less in life. Meet people who have forgotten you, forgive those who have treated you badly and be sure to pray for those who love you.

Have you ever thought of how close God Almighty is to us and how far away we are from him?

May God give us wisdom to understand.

Murshid Waqar Faiz

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