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Updated: Sep 26, 2018

There is no doubt that God is omnipotent over everything. He can do anything He wants, and one the wisdom behind this is that He gave mankind pain and stress, and then said in the divine book that before the great punishment found in Hell, the grave, and the Afterlife, He gives them small punishments in the hope that man will change his ways and return to Him.

Man is given grief because it is in times of grief that man draws closer to God. When man is in some difficulty, he calls out to God standing, sitting, and reclining. God also gives grief to man so that we can turn back to Him. In this way, He makes us face small punishments in this world and saves us from the punishment of the Hereafter, which is eternal.

He also gives us punishment to reduce our sins and save us from larger punishments. Therefore, we should be grateful if He bestows a blessing or be patient when he gives a hardship. The real life is the Afterlife, which is eternal, not the life of this world, which is like a test for us and is temporary.

The ups and downs of this world will not stop, but there is something that can end the restlessness inside of us. It is our dissatisfaction that keeps us from inner peace, and it can only end by having complete faith in God along with awareness of the Afterlife and acceptance of the judgement we are due there. If there is something we did not receive in this life, God will surely bestow it in the next. We should be grateful for the blessings we did receive, and we should pray that God keeps our judgement in the Afterlife easy.

However, if we believe that the happiness of this life is what is important, and if we continuously insist on running after them, then we should understand that many have come and gone from this world running after their worldly desires. The reality is that desires never end; even the greatest of kings cannot fulfill all of his desires, but even the poorest of the poor can fulfill his basic necessities.

Living in the world, experiencing its joy and grief, there is only one thing that gives man the strength and courage to move forward: The Afterlife, along with complete trust in God that whatever He has ordained for us is the best for us. Therefore, He says in the divine book that perhaps you think something to be bad for you, when in reality it is good, and perhaps you think something to be good for you, when in reality it is bad. And God says, “I know, but you do not know”.

So, have complete faith in God. Trust in God. Once we have made this decision to trust Him, then we should have complete faith, and if we cannot, then we should simply accept His decision. We should accept that whatever He decides for us is best for us. If hardship has come our way, we should have patience. We should have total faith that God will listen to our prayers, and we should trust in the fact that once we have complete faith and leave everything to God, then God Himself will ask us about what it is that we want.

We ask God to grant us true faith.

Murshid Waqar Faiz

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