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Qualities and Flaws

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

Many times, we look to others and compare ourselves to them, but we should not do this. Set your own standards, your own criteria, and then judge yourself according to these criteria, but with total honesty. You will be able to see your own qualities and flaws. You must then accept your flaws open heartedly and move forward. You are the captain of your own soul, and the lives of people who brighten the lives of others remain illuminated forever.

Sometimes we give our best efforts, but they are still not enough because their direction itself is not right. We end up setting our direction according to our own perspective. In such situations, we should follow the path which is required at that point in time.

You should always think of your first attempt as a draft in which many mistakes and errors can occur, whether it's your speech or the start of any new task. Ponder over it again, refine it, polish it and then follow it once again. Any first attempt or struggle is full of mistakes. Continuous effort will bring betterment in your task and eventually God Almighty will bless you with success.

May God enable us to understand and act upon this.

Murshid Waqar Faiz

--Notes are taken from Murshid’s Message- October 20, 2016

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