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Codes of Conduct

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

Throughout life, we continuously meet people with both good and bad character and habits. Respect people who show love to you and are sincere. Do not think of their love and sincerity as their foolishness. Otherwise someday, we will end up searching for love and sincerity among people ourselves and they will take us for fools.

Be sure to work among people with justice. Justice is that thing upon which the whole world is based. Whatever level you may be at, whether you are doing a job or people are working for you or you for are working for them, or you are at home, or you have servants, practice justice everywhere. The mercy of God Almighty multiplies with justice.

For the assistance of your brothers, your heart and wealth should be available; for your enemies, justice and fairness; and for people, your happiness and good behavior. One beautiful smile is a big charity. Make it a part of your worship, with the will of God.

If you mislead someone or show them a wrong path, do not think that he is a fool. Instead, realize how much trust and consideration he had in you.

Always hide your good deeds and acts of kindness, but if someone shows kindness towards you, then you should convey it to others. Similarly, your past is your place of reference, not a place of residence.

Our words are sharper than the blade of a sword; the wounds they cause are far deeper than the cuts of a sword. Exercise extreme caution when using them.

Develop your thoughts about people after meeting them; do not develop perceptions before meeting them. Everyone’s hearts are not capable of understanding, nor are everyone ears capable of listening, nor are everyone’s eyes capable of seeing. If you get the chance, tell others of the good ways to use one’s heart; tell them good things and explain those things to them, and show them how to see other people instead of just themselves. We choose to understand every statement according to how we want, when we should be taking the message as it is.

We do not have to simply inherit this beautiful and complete spiritual path; rather, we have to understand it and learn it.

May God enable us to attain wisdom and understanding.

Murshid Waqar Faiz

-Notes taken from Murshid's Message-Dec 29, 2016

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