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Benefiting Others

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

In life, we tend to set our own governing principles, so we should add these two:

1. Never harm others

2. Be useful to people

Many people among us in some way or another are harming others. Sometimes we think we are acting beneficially for other people, when in reality our actions are not correct, or the benefit of those actions is not reaching those people. Start giving benefit to everyone, your mother, your father, siblings, friends, even people who are working with or under you. Be a tree that gives shade to everyone without discrimination.

A man must be kindhearted, soft natured, gentle, and he must be generous, for only a generous person can give another his own food. If you want to benefit others, then increase your level of motivation and patience. Do not hurt people who are in pain because their hearts are already broken, and do not insult or ignore them.

If you want to be helpful, then be patient and ease their pain. If an intellectually deficient person is sitting before you, always talk according to his level of understanding, and make things easy for him. Go into his comfort zone. When you beneficially talk to someone, you will not necessarily see the fruits of your words, so keep in mind that you will surely truly receive them by the mountain-load in the afterlife. You are presenting your good deeds in Someone Else’s court, and so your motivation and patience must be extraordinary. Your capacity for compassion must be very high.

If this is not the case, then you will start to deny the favors of others, you will start reminding people of the favors you have done them, and you will start trying to embarrass them. You can forget about the good deeds you have done, but never forget the sins you have committed.

Therefore, be humble. Avoid thinking about reward while performing any deed and have absolute belief that whatever deeds you are performing is only for the pleasure of God. This belief will transform you from a common person into a spiritual person as you are totally relying upon God for every aspect of your life. For God, one of the greatest forms of worship is charity, and one of the greatest of charities is forgiving others, so always forgive others.

May God give us a clear sense of understanding.

Murshid Waqar Faiz

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