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Updated: Sep 26, 2018

Remember the good things that people say; do not forget the good they have done to you. A good human being is one who forgets the sorrow caused by others, but never forgets the love that they give. If you have to advise or correct someone over a good thing, then you should always do so in private. If you counsel them in front of everyone, it will be harmful. It will bring damage. A person who bears your anger and stays firmly by your side is a true friend. True beauty lies not in how happy you are, but in how happy people are with you.

People coming to you for their needs is a huge favor from God. Do not disappoint them. Help them however you can. People whom you remember in times of happiness are the ones you love, but know that the people whom you tend to remember in times of sadness and distress are the ones who love you.

Do not make decisions about anything when you are very angry or in a rage, nor you should make promises when you are very happy. Keep a balanced approach.

Our spiritual Master Ali (May God be pleased with Him) says, “No matter how many times a good friend gets angry, you should make good with him, because no matter how many times the beads of a rosary may scatter, they are always gathered again.

Similarly, he says, “The body is like a shop and the tongue is its lock. Only when the lock opens can it be determined whether the shop is of gold or coal”.

That is why it is extremely important to use your tongue with utmost care and to not make any decision in anger. It is better to stay quiet as much as possible; the less your tongue moves, the fewer chances for error.

Always be content. It is not necessary to attain what we love, but we should certainly love whatever we have. This is what God really loves and this is contentment, to feel happiness in whatever we have been provided with. Show gratitude to God, as man commands neither time nor wealth.

Always keep your intentions pure, as God acknowledges us by our intentions, while the world simply recognizes us by our appearances. This is why you keep track of your intentions all the time, as the One we must please know well of our good and bad intentions.

Always take care to avoid damage to your faith due to obtaining or sustaining your livelihood in the world. Do not spoil your intentions over this because sustenance that is meant for you follows you the same as the death does, and the sustenance that is not meant for you can never be acquired.

Only God knows the secrets hidden in the hearts of people, and if God were to reveal those secrets, then think of damage that would be caused. That is why you should also conceal faults of people, as God’s good pleasure lies in this.

May God enable us to attain His good pleasure.

Murshid Waqar Faiz

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