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Rules of Living

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

We cannot change the attitudes and behavior of people but we can give them reminders and hope that God will change their hearts. Whenever, we are going through a trial, the thought of whether our God is listening to us or not passes through our hearts. Always remember that the examiner always remains quiet at the time of the test.

Remember that Islam does not teach that we are better than one another, but it teaches what is better for us. In reality, we understand a message according to our own intents, but everyone fails to understand the intent of the message.

God has blessed us immensely, so much so that we can change the world, but we choose the wrong starting point; we have to begin from within ourselves. There are many problems with ourselves; we have to bring about a change from the inside. Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing themselves.

You will be amazed by your inner strength. All challenges will appear small in front of you. Trust yourself and lead your life with total confidence and faith.

By the grace of God, we are blessed every day with a new day. It is a gift for us as a new beginning. The sun of every new day reminds us that we still have time in our hands and we can spend this day better and with fewer mistakes.

Whenever God grants you success, do not just quickly run towards your next goal; stop there for a while and enjoy the blessings granted by God Almighty; this is not even that difficult.

The future has no guarantee, and we cannot rewind the past, so we must live in the present. Use your past for wisdom and your future for inspiration but live your life in the present.

The satisfaction you will get from helping others is probably greater than the satisfaction you will get from anything else, and it brings people closer to one another.

Whenever, you think that someone should do something, that ‘someone’ should be you. No matter how small the help, with the will of God it will make a difference.

There is a huge difference between a human being and being human. One should definitely understand the difference. Similarly, there is a difference between losing one’s way before reaching the goal and losing one’s way after reaching the goal. Try to understand this also.

When you look at the Moon, you see the beauty created by God. When you see the Sun, you see glory of God, and when you see a mirror you see the best creation of God. This is why you must trust yourself, for everything is within you.

Every human being has a child hidden within. Give it a chance also to play in the colors created by God.

May God enable us to understand ourselves and bless us with the determination to walk on His straight path.

Murshid Waqar Faiz

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