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Love for this World

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

No one can be a friend of God Almighty as long as he remains busy with this world. There is no bigger veil between God and man than this world. The more we engage in this world, the more distant we are from God Almighty. When the love of this world was seeded in us, Satan the Accursed was overjoyed and said, "The foundation of corruption has been laid in the children of Adam.” For this world, a brother would kill his own brother, relatives would relinquish their relations, men would separate themselves from one another, brewing jealousy and hatred among themselves. They will die, but the world will remain.

Satan held the love for this world in great respect and said, "I have kept the love for this world with immense respect because whoever will befriend it and remain involved in it, will be my follower. I will further engage him in it and will stop him from worshipping and performing good deeds until he becomes mine and others will feed on his wealth."

This world is very unfaithful. It can be a friend to everyone except for the dervishes and God's friends, as they have rejected it. This world comes rushing at the doors of the friends of God but they do not accept it.

Therefore, we should certainly live in this world, but we should not drown in it, just as a boat that sails on water; if the water enters inside, it sinks. Similarly, we should live in this world but should not allow it to reside within us. To be distant from this world is to be close to God Almighty.

May God Almighty protect us from the evils of this world.

Murshid Waqar Faiz

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