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Updated: Sep 26, 2018

Whenever you experience a tough time in life, look at it from different angles. Change the story in your mind. You are capable of handling every problem by yourself. The control is in our hands; Satan can only provoke us to do something, but it is we who act upon it. To act or not is totally in our hands.

The punishment for the one who instigates is less than the punishment for one who actually commits it. For example, the punishment for the one who instigates someone to steal is less than the punishment for the thief himself.

Keep your mind and heart under your control. The past is behind us, future is ahead of us, only the present is with us and we have to live in it. Share your happiness with people. Share the goodness that you receive in this life with others. A single candle can light a thousand candles, yet its own light is not affected. Similarly, sharing happiness does not lessen it; in fact, it elevates the lives of others. We can learn a lesson from every moment of our lives, but the question is, “Are we paying attention?” Are we focused on that part of life and learning lessons? And if we are learning them, are we implementing them in our lives?

May God grant us the ability to act in accordance and keep us safe from the evil of Satan and the ego self.

Murshid Waqar Faiz

-Notes are taken from Murshid's Messages- August 12, 2016

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