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Updated: Sep 26, 2018

Keep absolute belief and trust in God, for He will help you in every situation, even when it seems impossible to find a solution in difficulty.

Our biggest communication problem is that we don’t listen to understand a statement; we only listen to reply to it. If we take some time and listen carefully to someone, we will definitely find some kind of lesson for ourselves.

We think that every new day that comes in our lives is “Just Another Day”, but it is not “Just Another Day”. This day has been given to you. This day is a present for you and is the only Gift that you have at that particular time, and its true purpose and accurate response is showing gratitude to God and living it to its fullest, for this day will never come again. On this day whatever you do will remain forever in God’s court and also within your good and bad memories.

We can make this beautiful day granted to us as a gift by God eternal by performing good deeds, helping people, and worship. You can keep yourself tranquil and satisfied without any regrets.

Whenever we look at a person whom God has blessed more than us; whether through beauty or through wealth, we should immediately look to those who have been granted less.

Our beloved spiritual Master Muhammad (peace be upon Him) treated his enemies better than we treat those who love us. Therefore, our behavior and attitude with those who love us should be excellent.

You will always remain happy if you stop expecting things from people. Our spiritual Master Ali (May God be pleased with Him) says: “Give your enemy a thousand chances to become your friend, but never give your friend a single chance to become your enemy”.

There is no treasure more useful than the treasure of wisdom acquired after learning from people and the ups and downs of your life. Use the wisdom that God has blessed you with.

Keep total belief and trust in God, and start walking, the way will automatically start appearing before you.

May God enable us to act upon whatever we learn, and may He keep us on the straight path.

Murshid Waqar Faiz

--Notes are taken from Murshid’s Message- Dec 15, 2016

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