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Voluntary Charity

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

Give out voluntary charity. Repent as much as you can. God has kept voluntary charity for the sustenance and protection of ourselves and our families, our lives and our wealth.

In life, our responsibilities increase with the passage of time, but if we remain lost in the thought that we will finish something when we get time, then that task will never reach completion. We must fix our lives in our given time. We must take out time to finish and achieve that goal, and if you think that it is important, then act right away. Otherwise, time will pass us by and we will only continue to wring our hands. Keep yourself strong and do not let time slip through your fingers.

Pay attention to your attitude. Always deliberate over the fact of how another person would react if your words were to reach him. Concentrate on your act after your intention, as only God knows your intention, but the other person will only see your action. Hence, it is important to keep the practice itself in mind along with its intent.

No relationship, no feeling, is permanent. These relationships improve and decline because of our attitudes. You will always feel happy if you stop expecting from people, for expectations always give trouble.

Life is a short journey, like dawn to dust and then darkness. It is within this darkness that you yourself must create light. Keep this time in your hands. Listen carefully before you speak, think before you write. Whether it is spiritual gain or physical wealth, you must earn it before spending it. If you have not earned it properly and are not set free from the prison of your own self, then how can you pass it on?

You can never become a Perfect Master until you become a Perfect Student. Always use your words wisely. Forgive people before you yourself get hurt. Try your best before you quit. Before leaving this world, try to attain the pleasure of God just once.

May God enable us to understand truth and reality.

Murshid Waqar Faiz

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