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Updated: Jun 30, 2018

When people walk on the path of God with complete devotion and total sincerity, then the Almighty bestows within them these special characteristics:

They become like water and air, which are not contaminated by anything; rather, these people work to purify other things. They carry the weight of others but do not show any anger, and they work with patience.

Some people are like dust; they do not let the benefits they receive go to waste; rather, they go the extra mile and benefit others.

And some people are like fire; they burn others, yet they themselves do not burn and never choose to be in any state of heedlessness.

Such people always keep their heads lowered and choose for themselves incredible humility.

The sign of a true friend of God is that he thinks of every other person as a saint except himself and considers them superior. He always keeps his head lowered, for God alone knows what resides in the hearts of others.

We ask the Almighty grant us the ability to walk His path with sincere intentions and actions as well as with full determination.

Hardships come and go, but the real issue is how we spent that time? Points and grades are given depending on whether we spent that time with patience and gratitude or not.

May God Almighty enable us to have patience; may He be our Protector and Helper.

Murshid Waqar Faiz

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