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Seeking Forgiveness

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

Seek as much forgiveness from God as possible. The Messenger of God said that, “Just like brass or iron there is a rust for the heart and asking for forgiveness is its polish and a source of redemption. A person who seeks true forgiveness from sins is so pure, it is as if he never committed any sin. God has created ease for us and accepts our repentance until our last breath. As we are unaware of our end, we should ask for forgiveness in every moment. When we commit a sin, a dark spot appears on our heart and is erased upon our repentance. Continued repentance clears all blemishes from our hearts. However, our hearts succumb to darkness upon committing sins repetitively. Therefore, always keep asking for atonement so that our hearts remain pure and shining.

The Messenger of God narrates that Satan said to the Almighty, “Oh Lord! I swear upon Your Honor that I will keep on misguiding your followers (as long as their souls remain in their bodies) to which God Almighty replied, “I vow upon My Honor and Glory that I will keep on forgiving them as long as they keep asking for it.” Therefore, keep praying for forgiveness and redemption.

Through asking for forgiveness in abundance, God increases your sustenance, you are freed of any difficulty or sadness that you may be facing in life and receive absolution in the hereafter. Whoever wishes for peace should request forgiveness as much as possible. God Almighty will grant him peace and happiness for as long as he lives. People who complain of physical, monetary, and familial fragility can convert all their weaknesses into strengths by repenting often. God Almighty will turn their feebleness into strength.

The four biggest enemies of man are:

1. Satan (the Devil)

2. Attraction towards the world

3. Ego self which leads man toward sin

4. People who want to live their lives in their own way and do not want to adhere to the directives of God and his Messenger Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him).

Such are the people who have locks on their hearts. God’s sayings have no effect on them as long as they do not ask for forgiveness.

Satan says, “I have destroyed the sons of Adam by leading them to commit sins, and the sons of Adam have destroyed me by continually asking for forgiveness”.

He says, “When I saw that I do not have any bearing on them as they repent on the smallest of misdoings, I gave birth to desires in their hearts. Now they commit sins but do not repent, as when humans become slaves to their desires, they tend to lose the distinction between right and wrong”. Hence, it is imperative to ask God for forgiveness in abundance.

May God Almighty grant us the capacity to think and understand (Amen).

Murshid Waqar Faiz

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