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Updated: Sep 26, 2018

In your daily routine, whenever unhappy thoughts cross your mind, do not get lost in them, but instead allow them to pass. Give yourself time for positive thoughts. Start thinking about the things God has blessed you with in life. Think about those several positive things that you have experienced during each situation. In doing so, you will get a chance to thank God and your belief will strengthen and mature that whatever His decision may be, it will always be for your benefit.

It often happens that whenever we start to think our thoughts end up on a negative note despite the fact that we have countless blessings and good things from Allah scattered all around us. Just keep thinking of those blessings and make your thoughts strong and positive. Undoubtedly Allah is with us and holds inescapable power. There is nothing to fear when He is with you. If we travel the whole world in search of beauty and do not contain beauty within ourselves, we will not find anything, and if we stay in our normal environments and carry beauty within us, then much, in fact everything, will appear beautiful. So, search for this beauty and positivity inside yourself, as it exists in you.

May Allah always keep us positive and in His protection.

Murshid Waqar Faiz

-Notes are taken from Murshid's Messages- August 4, 2016

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