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Faith & Patience

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

Life is a journey of ups and downs. Sometimes it’s easy and sometimes it’s difficult.

We go through this journey of uncertainty with fear and stress and think that the

solution of life’s difficulties is money. But in reality, money cannot solve every

difficulty. God says in the Divine Book that whoever has faith and patience, God will

never let his rewards go to waste. A person such as this is known in the divine book as someone who benefit others.

We no doubt commit sins knowingly and unknowingly, but if we immediately turn

to God, ask for forgiveness, and have shame over what we have done, then this is

God's consciousness. God showers contentment over the hearts of such people through the belief that no one forgives more than God. Whoever cries for forgiveness of his

sins, God Almighty will definitely forgive him or her. One of the most important

characteristics of faith is patience. If one wants success in this world and the next,

then one should know that it surely lies in patience.

Learn to tolerate the hardships created by others, especially since there is

wrongdoing found everywhere in these times. People may try to trample over your

rights. You may have to hear unpleasant things about yourself. People may try to

harass you in other ways. You may be trying to seek your worldly sustenance. In all

of these situations, choose patience and silence; learn to be quiet. It is God's

promise that He Himself will become the companion of one who exercises


The major goals of our lives can only be achieved through patience, but patience

has nothing to do with how long you have to wait; it has everything to do with how

you behave in that difficult span of time.

Time is something that will not stop, which means it has to pass. Therefore, patience is simply keeping faith in God and spending your difficult time with surety and faith. If you do not have patience, then you have no faith in God. If you have strong belief, then your faith is strong, for belief too is a major sign of faith. Therefore, make your life easy and have faith.

Life consists of two days, one for you one against you. When a day is in your favor,

do not be proud, and when it is against you, be patient, for both days are a test for


Have total trust in God, and never let your heart be filled with any fear except concerning your sins and mistakes. Have fear of God's anger because if you say

something, He hears it, and if you think something, He knows it, and He is surely

with those who practice patience.

May God give us sense and understanding, and allow us to walk on the path with

conviction and determination.

Murshid Waqar Faiz

--Notes are taken from Murshids Message- July 13, 2017

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