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Concealment & Forgiveness

Updated: Sep 9, 2018

There were so many moments in our lives that passed away while we were engrossed in sin. There are numerous sins that only we and God knows. There are countless actions of immoral acts that we are still dealing with but as the time passes by we keep on forgetting them. Remember that it’s not necessary that God has forgiven all these acts, but it might be possible that if God is concealing our immoral acts from the world then He is giving us time to seek forgiveness so that we might not repeat those sinful acts again. That is why if your mistakes and sins are hidden from the people then take it as a warning sign from God and try to improve yourself. After sincere repentance and redefinition of your acts leave everything to God as He knows what’s best for everyone.

Love for others what you love for yourself, and dislike for others what you dislike for yourself. Treat others the way you want others to treat you. Do not talk about something you do not know about. if you feel like you know something, it could be that you do not know as much as you think. Do not say anything bad about anyone that you would feel bad if you hear same thing being said about you. Try to protect yourself from backbiting as much as possible. One definition of backbiting is to say behind someone’s back something that he would feel bad about if it was said on his face.

Remain in the remembrance of God. We only have one God, yet we fail to remember Him, while He has countless creation, yet he never once fails to remember any of them. He listens to all, helps all. He grants everything to everyone, whether someone is in search of sustenance, or simply facing a difficulty. It is He who never forgets anyone. Choose your words wisely before speaking them. Once something is said, it can never be taken back. Always keep your faith and belief strong. Our spiritual Master Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) states that: “Make supplications to God in such a manner that you are sure of its acceptance and know that God does not accept the supplications of a heart full of negligence.” Our spiritual Master Ali (May God be pleased with Him) says, “Forgive people in the same manner as you expect God to forgive you.” Therefore, you should also forgive people. It is very easy to ask for forgiveness after breaking someone’s heart, but it is very difficult to forgive the one who has broken your heart. You should do difficult things and forgive people.

Keep secrets of people, and God will keep your secrets. Make your heart as deep as sea just as several rivers merge into ocean but the ocean never gets full. Keep fearing God Almighty. We get scared in dreams while sleeping, but we do not fear God while awake. Fear of God strengthens our faith. It helps us to be the way our God wants us to be.

May we develop the fear of displeasing God. May God grant us the ability to walk on the path of righteousness and truth.

Murshid Waqar Faiz

--Notes are taken from Murshid’s Message- June 29, 2017

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