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Changing Perspective

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

We keep making mistakes in life and we try to learn lessons from them. We also intend not to repeat these mistakes again. However, the actual mistake we make is that we do not consider our errors as faults. We have stopped understanding our wrongdoings as sins. Even if we do consider them sins, we take them very lightly, and they become a part of our lives such that we no longer feel about them the way that we should. We need to focus our attention on this.

We must embrace the truth and run far from falsehood, for it is truth that is right and falsehood that is wrong. It is in this process that our true friends and people who love us come to be of use. They stop us from doing wrong and making errors.

Always stay immersed in the love and remembrance of God. Do not simply remember Him in times of difficulty or stress.

Take care of the needy and if you have the capacity to fulfill their need then do so even before they request it. Never lose courage in your life, and keep your faith strong, for after every night the sun always dawns, which brings a new morning and a new hope before you. We only face defeat when we admit it, when we accept it. Our spiritual Master Ali (May God be Pleased with Him) never accepted defeat; that is why he is known as the Lion of God.

Our spiritual Master Ali (May God be Pleased with Him):

“Life is like descending a mountain; you only take one step, and the rest of the steps will automatically follow, as opposed to truth and honesty, which are like climbing a mountain; every step will be harder and more difficult than the previous taken, but every climbing step will take you to the top of the mountain.”

Therefore, do not be afraid to speak the truth for you might face a little trouble or difficulty but this truth will take you closer to God Almighty.

There is a need for us to change our attitudes. We forget what we while grieving over what we do not. For this reason, instead of being grateful we complain more, as we do not believe that the One who has written our fate loves us more than seventy mothers. Is it not sufficient to be grateful to have been born in a family that does not worship multiple gods? Praise is due in every moment to the One who has blessed us with health. If we do not have shoes, we certainly have feet. God has made us perfect humans; we are not born as animals. Is it not sufficient to be thankful that we have been born into the community of the Master of Both the Worlds Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) and that God has freed us from many ailments?

If we are not given according to our wishes, we are still definitely blessed according to our needs. We only need to opt for contentment and be happy in whatever we have. We must love only what we have and show gratitude constantly.

Never regret anything in life; if it turns out to be good, then that is well and good, and if not, then take it as an experience from which you can learn and take guidance so that it can be avoided in the future. Whenever we experience anything negative, the experience itself might only be ten percent, making the remaining ninety percent our reaction to it. It is our reaction to events that magnify them tenfold.

Allow your inner beauty to come out. Do not try to imitate people that you see, for you will gain nothing more than disappointment and depression. God has kept the best qualities in every human being; we just have to search them. Life will go on whether we continue to move with it or not. It will become easier if we keep moving along, and if we stop, then we will spend our lives in pain and sadness.

We ask God to give us the capacity to understand and to act accordingly and that He makes it easier for us to walk on His path.

Murshid Waqar Faiz

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