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Caution in Speech

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

At times, we worry and question whether God is truly watching the actions and sacrifices we make for Him. Always believe that God is truly watching the smallest of actions and sacrifices we make for Him. Piety is not acting piously when among people; rather, it is acting piously when we are alone, for everything we do is solely for the good pleasure of God. He is the only One who never leaves us. When your hopes and dreams are shattered, there is only one place where you can put your problems and dependencies. Each of us has only one relationship this strong, where we can find ultimate happiness, where we can find a true sense of security. It is found with our Lord God alone without any partners ascribed to Him. Don’t ever think when faced with any difficulty, “What did I do wrong to deserve this?”’ rather, you should say, “Surely this is from God. He knows better, and He does whatever He wants”. It is an enormous blessing from God to show gratitude to Him in all states.

Our spiritual Master Ali (May God be pleased with Him) says, “Life can be defined as two types of days: one for you, and the other against you. Those days that are in your favor should be passed with humility and restraint; you should fight your lower self. Those days that are not in your favor should be passed with much patience, for both days are but a test for you”. Think very carefully before utilizing your speech, for every person is hiding behind his tongue, and as soon as he speaks, those words become a container for him. Do not speak of what you don’t know simply for the sake of argument, and do not speak everything of what you do know for the same reason; this causes confusion. The more the matter becomes clear to you, the less you should speak. Silence becomes better and better this way. It is far better to stay silent than to speak a lie.

Silence is a very beautiful form of worship; countless faults of people are kept covered by means of it, and it is considered very weighty with God. Those who speak the most have the highest chances of making mistakes. Keep only the desire for God and the fear of his displeasure in your heart; this fear will liberate you from all other fears. When we come to know ourselves, will we come to recognize our inner demons, our lower selves, and God as well. The more strength and wealth God gives you, the more you should lessen your desires.

We ask God for wisdom and understanding and for consistency on His path.

Murshid Waqar Faiz

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