Murshid Waqar Faiz Qalandar

No one can be a master without first being a student, and no one can be a guide without himself first traveling the path. Murshid Waqar Faiz Qalandar became a spiritual guide under the supervision, teachings, and direct spiritual connection to the Master of all Sufi Masters - Hazrat Ali (may peace be upon him). This connection was designated by the very founder of Sufism, the Beloved of Allah and the seal of all Prophets, the Pure Messenger (Nabi Paak) Muhammad (May Peace and Blessings be upon Him). 

From the designation of Nabi Paak Muhammad (May Peace and Blessings be Upon Him), Waqar Faiz Qalandar came into a direct connection with Hazrat Ali (may peace be upon him) as his student. Ali is the reason why the majority of the Sufi orders exist in our world today. Any chain of Sufism that you see will eventually lead back to Hazrat Ali. Hazrat Ali is the spring from which all Sufism comes. Such a concept may be understood by the hadith, which Sufis regard to be authentic, in which Muhammad (May Peace and Blessings be Upon Him) said, "I am the city of knowledge and Ali is its gate". Eminent Sufis such as Ali Hujweri and Junayd of Baghdad regarded Hazrat Ali as Master of the principles and practices of Tasawwuf (Sufism). Although Waqar Faiz and Hazrat Ali are physically 1500 years apart, spiritually they are directly connected. The Ultimate Master of Sufism, Hazrat Ali, took on the responsibility of making Waqar Faiz his direct student without any intermediary or masters in between.


Waqar Faiz was born and raised in Lahore, Pakistan, a city that is home to the shrines of several major Sufi saints and whose inhabitants live and breathe Sufism. One of the first saints to be buried there was one of the daughters of Hazrat Ali, Ruqayya, known locally as the Chaste Lady (Bibi Paak Daman). Another major saint to be buried there is the 11th Century Sufi master Ali Hujweri, commonly known as Data Ganj Bakhsh. Murshid Waqar Faiz grew up in the shadow of his shrine, known locally as the Data Darbar. 

Waqar Faiz Qalandar had always wanted to be on the spiritual path since his childhood. He knew that in order to walk the path he needed a guide, so he took initiation from a local Sufi master in his youth. This master, however, would pass away before Waqar Faiz had the chance to sit and learn from him.

It was at this point that he would have dreams every night in which famous Sufi masters of bygone eras would provide him with messages or some form of instruction. When he implemented these messages or instructions when he woke up, he would find that the dreams were true. This continued until finally Hazrat Ali himself appeared before Waqar Faiz and informed him that he would be his sole master and teacher. Sometimes Hazrat Ali would instruct him to perform spiritual exercises at the tomb of a Sufi master where he would meet someone who would give him a specific item or relic. Other times he would instruct Waqar Faiz to feed certain people in the countryside who had specific problems. By acting upon all of these instructions, Waqar Faiz found all of his experiences to be true and real.

Initially in his spiritual journey, Waqar Faiz Qalandar performed many forms of devotional practices to embark on a journey of purification of the self and the heart. Having recognized the heart as the faculty and kingdom of the Divine, Waqar Faiz Qalandar worked for years to strip his heart from the indulgences of the world, attachment to the company and renown of people, and constant elimination of the lower self in order to hold nothing in his heart except for One Truth and Reality, the light of the Creator. On this quest to recognize the Ultimate Truth, for years, Waqar Faiz Qalandar would completely avoid presenting any part of his spiritual journey to people in order to hide himself in his remembrance of the Divine. Outwardly, everyone knew him to be a normal man, but inwardly, he and the Divine were drawing closer to one another. 

This is in accordance with the words, attributed to God, of the following, a famous Hadith Qudsi:

My servant draws near to Me through nothing I love more than that which I have made obligatory for him. My servant never ceases drawing near to Me through voluntary works until I love him. Then, when I love him, I am the ear by which he hears, the eye by which he sees, the hand by which he grasps, and the foot by which he walks. (Bukhari)

Murshid Waqar Faiz would also engage in spiritual retreats in which he would seclude himself either in the wilderness or at the shrines of different Sufi masters of the past. One of his first spiritual retreats was at the shrine of the famous and renowned Sufi of Southeast Asia and the patron Saint of Lahore - Hazrat Data Ganj Baksh Ali Hujweri. Waqar Faiz Qalandar spent 40 days in spiritual seclusion at the shrine of Hazrat Data Ganj Baksh Ali Hujweri to further his spiritual journey.  Later on in his journey, he would go into retreat in the mountains, completely secluding himself for 40 days and nights at a time while fasting and meditating to deepen his purification, love, and communion with the Divine. One of his first students is a man who himself is a Sufi master with thousands of students. He tells us a story of Waqar Faiz Qalandar's early days, in which he would take a canoe out to an island in the middle of the river by himself and remain there the whole day in Divine remembrance, prayer and meditation. He would do this every day for forty days. There is a rock on the bank of the river that actually softened to hold his footprint while he was engaged in prayer. It remains on the riverbank to this day. Later on, this Sufi master ended up recognizing the purity of the light that Waqar Faiz Qalandar had obtained and became a student himself. These are only a few stories of the spiritual journey of Murshid Waqar Faiz, a journey that has lasted his entire life.


After this long journey of abstaining from the world, fighting the lower self, and obtaining spiritual purification, Hazrat Ali gave Waqar Faiz the title of Qalandar - a person who surpasses the Sufi path by being so deeply engrossed in the Divine that no limitations can be ascribed to him. This chosen stage of Qalandar is given and bestowed with the love and help of the Nabi Paak Muhammad (peace be upon him), along with the outpouring of the Creator’s light.


When the Qalandar reaches this point in his spiritual journey of sainthood, his status ties into the direct transmission of light from the Divine via Hazrat Ali. At this point, after years of seclusion, Murshid Waqar Faiz Qalandar was given the task of sharing this light with others under the direct influence and help of the Divine via Hazrat Ali and with the blessings of Nabi Paak Muhammad (may peace and blessings be upon them).

Murshid Waqar Faiz Qalandar has given his students the awareness of how to allow God's will to govern our lives through his knowledge and compassion, and he has allowed them to present the diverse experiences of spiritual journeying to others. 

For over a decade Murshid has inspired seekers from all corners of the world with essential words of wisdom to guide them on their spiritual journeys towards the Ultimate Reality.


He continues to spread this light through his counseling, meditations, messages, and books.